Tribal Education And Community Pride In America

As member of tribal communities it falls to everyone to support the development of safe, successful, healthy and drug-free living for American Indians families and the communities in urban and reservation areas. Crime and violence have become major issues with concerns for the community member becoming a daily reality.

More and more we see dysfunction and disorder with limited resources to provide adequate supervision and control within the community. Respect of elders and authorities needs be the first step of implementing plans and prevention programs that address the root cause for drugs in our communities.

Involvement from the community needs to come from a variety of resources that include the youths, the families and professionals who are part of the group. Daily reminders need to be provided about prevention, alternatives and what is socially acceptable behavior, needs to be echoed and practiced. Reinforce the strengths and assets of family, the pride of community and promote self-esteem against destructive elements.

Reinstitute community involvement and interaction with meaningful roles that are socially proactive and require all ages of the community members to participate. Goals should include parental involvement, reminders of heritage and pride of culture as part of the solution with the basic goals to create and maintain a healthy living environment.

Monitor the behavior of sons and daughters and share in the responsibilities of helping to contribute as members of the community and peer groups. Help to develop programs for community service projects, support student extracurricular clubs and activities.

Remember that it takes one day at a time to create a healthy, positive, balanced and secure environment. Implement rules using them as guideline for better living standards, leaders take charge and demonstrate your faith and belief in healthy lifestyles within a safe community. Give advice when better decisions need to be made and make the time to listen.