Designing The Reservation As A Community Outreach

There are unique opportunities within Native American reservations to provide community support and education. Reservations are usually tight-knit groups that have common ancestry, culture and religion. Central community centers can provide outlets for recreation, education and medical resources.

Providing for successful community support in the reservation starts with the family. Drug and alcohol programs are a necessity for young people as well as the adults. It is also important to establish a wellness clinic that promotes safe sex methods and prevention of sexually transmitted disease. Good prenatal care can be quite an asset, too.Additional information can be found at

Often times, young people get into trouble just out of boredom. Recreation areas and planning are a way to give them fun things to do and offers socialization. It can also divert their attention away from getting involved in gangs, drugs, and alcohol. Educational supplements such as Head-Start and GED programs ingrain the importance of education.

Individual and family counseling can offer strong support in the areas of mental illness, substance abuse, and abuse recovery. Nutritional programs such as food banks and soup kitchens give food and nutritional information for the young and the elderly. Healthy citizens make for a healthier reservation as a whole. When a community center actually incorporates the people themselves in planning and working, it is more apt to successfully meet the needs of the reservation and outlying urban areas.

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