Drug And Alcohol Awareness Effects On The Reservation

There has been much debate over the Native American reservations and the debate will probably continue for many years to come. While the U.S. continues to thrive, even in light of the weak economy, Native American reservations have become some of the poorest places in the world. With a very high rate of suicide and alcohol addiction, it’s no wonder that so many politicians want to tighten up rules regarding drugs and alcohol on the reservation. It has become evident that while this is no simple issue, something has to be done and it has been left up to those governing the U.S. to heighten awareness.

Ever since Native Americans were forced onto reservations in order to freely continue their way of life, they have had ever-increasingly serious problems with alcohol. While many experts suspect it is mainly due to depression from having to leave a large portion of what was once their home behind them, the actual proven reasons are unknown. Reservation laws governing drug and alcohol consumption have become stricter over the last few years and some reservations have even become dry areas. Whatever the problem, it is hoped that through raising awareness, the amount of alcohol and drug abuse will drop significantly.

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