Finding Your Place In Your World And Community

Finding your place in the world and your community is not an easy task. The Internet has made a the definition of community much more obscue than what it was in the past. In the previous centuries, the word usually meant to a physibacl place. When someone was asked, he may be able to find the location of any given community, be it a town or a city on a map. This is no longer the case.

A person trying to seek out his purpose can try to find answers in religion, spirituality or in a job placement test. All of these methods can provide guidance to the seeker after truth, but they cannot tell a person when he has found his calling.

A person generally knows what his calling is before he sets out on this path. A calling is a feeling about something a person would really like to do. The calling itself is not always about a profession where a person can make a lot of money. It is about service and feeling needed and appreiated. Finding a calling involves searching, trying things and most of all paying attention to what a person’s feelings are tell him. It is a hard process, but one that can be rewarding.

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