Journeys And History Of Great Native American Warriors

When thinking of American history, we often first think of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the colonial times, or of the Revolutionary War. We may even stop to pause to think about Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln, World War II or the Industrial Revolution. There are many things that make up American History, but it is important not to shy away from turning our attention to the people who were originally here before European settled here–to the people who kept this land fruitful and beautiful before it was heavily settled and became what we know today as America–the Native Americans.You can find a quick rundown here

There are many famous Native Americans throughout history including Sacajawea and Pocahontas. We also often reflect upon the Pilgrims and the Indians, or the Native Americans who helped the Pilgrims out during thanksgiving. These Native Americans assimilated well into American culture, and also helped settlers find their way around the block when they first got here. When we think of American history, it is important to think of the culture, the languages, the sacrifices, and the kindnesses that many native American warriors showed to settlers, despite being pushed off their lands and sent into reservations. The Native Americans have a rich history that should always be remembered and respected.

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